Just for Guys


Just for Guys

You may be concerned that your Girlfriend is Pregnant:

  • She may have missed her period
  • The condom may have broken
  • She may be feeling nauseated
  • She may be having pregnancy symptoms

She may have told you she’s pregnant, but you don’t believe it because:

  • You used a condom
  • She’s on birth control
  • You didn’t think you could father a child
  • The dates don’t make sense to you
  • You were careful

No matter what type of birth control you use, things can happen. If you or your girlfriend are worried that she may be pregnant, you can come to our center where we can provide a professional test for you. You will receive results in a matter of minutes.

If you are uncertain as to what you would do if she is pregnant, we can provide information on all of your options. Under certain circumstances, the client advocate may recommend a limited ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy or to determine the gestational age of the baby.

If you’re worried and want to get the facts, you can come to our Center. You may wonder, as the father of the baby, what your responsibilities and rights are, and we will be happy to discuss that information with you.

If you involved in an unexpected pregnancy, we know that this may be a difficult time for you and we will be here to help you in any way that we can.

Statistics show that men may suffer some of emotional issues resulting from a partner’s abortion. If you have experienced this or would like to discuss it with someone, we will be happy to arrange for a client advocate to meet with you.