Your Options


You may be experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and want to look at all of your options. If you feel you are unable to parent your child, choosing adoptive parents could be an option about which you need more information on. Many women have found that adoption is a good alternative for them. We are happy to assist you with information on the adoption process and with referrals to adoption agencies.

There are several types of Adoption


A closed adoption is one which the birth parents do not meet the adoptive family.


An open adoption typically means that the birth parents and the adoptive family speak prior to and even after the child is born. Some adoptions of this nature are very open, with the adoptive family and birth parents exchanging contact information and agreeing to periodic visits by the birth parents as the child grows. It is also common in open adoptions for the adoptive family to mail pictures and letters to the birth parents.


Semi-open adoptions fall in between open and closed adoptions. The adoptive family and birth parents usually will know basic information about each other. While adoptive families and birth parents speak and meet, some confidentiality is maintained. Once the child has been placed with the adoptive family, the birth parents may stay in contact with the family via letters and pictures, however this correspondence is usually handled through the adoption agency.

Why might a pregnant women choose adoption?

  • Putting the baby’s needs ahead of her own doing so out of love for the child
  • Desiring to give the child everything she is not able to provide at the time
  • Wanting a stable, two-parent home for the child
  • Wanting the child to be able to go to college
  • Realizing the current situation is not the best for the child choosing not to struggle from day-to-day
  • Already having children and realizing that having another baby would hinder her ability to meet her family‚Äôs needs
  • Choosing not to raise the child with the birth father because of his bad influences or lack of financial or emotional support
  • Choosing to give life to the baby and continue to pursue her goals, which may include education, employment, etc.
  • Desiring to give life to the baby, but knowing she is not ready to be a parent

Pregnancy Lifeline is not an adoption agency, and we do not act as one. We do not have a contract with any adoption agencies, but we can give referrals to several within the state of Texas.