Prenatal Development


Prenatal Development

Pregnancy Week by Week (prenatal development stages)

Week 1 – First Day of your normal menstrual cycle.

Week 2 – The egg is released from the ovary. Fertilization takes place when a sperm joins an egg. Every detail of development, including sex, hair and eye color is determined at this point.

Week 5 – The embryo’s brain, spinal cord, and nervous system begin to form. The heart begins to pump blood with the baby’s own blood type.

Week 6 – All of the internal organs are present and forming. The heartbeat can be seen and heart beating on an ultrasound.

Week 7 – Arms with hands and finger bius, and legs with feet and toe buds are visible.

Week 8 – Brain activity is measurable. By this time the embryo shows reflexive response to touch. The embryo begins to move.

Week 11 – Internal organs are functioning. The body is nearly complete. Changes after this week are primarily changes in size, rather than in appearance. The embryo is now called a fetus, or “young one” in Latin.

Week 14 – The fetus moves vigorously and can make a tight fist. The sex of the child can be determined.

Week 18 – There is evidence the baby can experience pain. The baby begins to hear. Ultrasound reveals arm and leg movements, most too slight to be felt by you.

Week 22 – Head and body hair are visible. The fetus jumps in response to loud noises. He or she can now swallow.

Week 24 – If the baby was born during this month and given special care, he or she could survive.

Week 27 – 40 – The fetus experience rapid weight gain and is ready for birth.

Prenatal Paternity Tests

We can provide referrals to a local certified private DNA paternity testing laboratory.